2 Pack Flea Collar Pet Dog Leash

2 Pack Flea Collar Pet Dog Leash

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Flea Collar Dog Leash

Keep your beloved pets insect, flea, and tick-free using this non-toxic and safe to use on animals especially dogs flea collar. The ultimate goals of this insect-repelling device are to keep your pet healthy at all times. Bugs are sometimes carriers of undetected viruses and diseases. And they can easily lodge themselves unto your pet and transfer the disease. These critters chomp and aggravate your pet’s skin. Sometimes these vermin also lay eggs on your pets. And since they breed quickly, your pet gets rapidly infested as well. The infestation may cause aggravation and uneasiness your dogs. So, it is fundamental that you give your pets the protection they need.

Avoid Diseases and Illnesses

Prevent your animals from contracting diseases and illnesses in a convenient way using this flea collar. You can always avoid nasty consequences by adding extra measures to keep your pet safe, especially in bug-ridden areas. Insect collars for canines are an incredible method to avert bugs and keep your dear pet safe from such undesirable issues. Be that as it may, it is just an aversion and not a technique for treatment. Wearing a bug neckline for puppies won’t help with the current insect invasion yet it is also a defensive technique to avoid further consequences. The collar consists of lavender, linoleic acid, and citronella. These herbal combinations can keep away harmful bugs that might injure your pet’s health.

Keep Pests at Bay

Ticks are one of the most severe issues of pup owners. Ticks are modest creepy crawlies that stick on to the skin and hide. They live like parasites, and they also live off by feeding on your pet through devouring its blood. Ticks are unhygienic, and they can also cause the spread of infections and diseases. But you can avoid all that by using this insect repellent collar. This device can last for as long as eight months. The flea collar for puppies and dogs is an excellent answer to insect infestation. These collars keep bugs from reproducing on your pooch and subsequently keeps undesirable insect assaults under control.

  • Effectively repels mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and other insects away from your dogs, pups, and hounds
  • Waterproof, comfortable, safe and non-toxic to use on pet animals
  • Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer Rubber
  • Components: Lavender, Citronella, Linoleic Acid
  • Duration: Up to 8 Months
  • Length: 63.5cm,  Weight: 25 grams