3 In 1 Cat Interactive Laser Toy

3 In 1 Cat Interactive Laser Toy

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👉🏻Keep Your Furry Friends Happy And Healthy With Our Interactive Toy

Some cats get upset when you leave them alone at home. If that describes your cat, then this toy is a great solution. It will be the perfect cat companion that keeps your cat busy and entertained when you will out for work.

With 3 in 1 design, our Interactive Cat Toy will provide fun for your cat on dull days. Our Cat Laser turns on the floor and sends out a red light that immediately pulls the kittens' attention and gives the kitten endless joy.

💁🏻‍♂️Product Highlights

  • ✔3 in 1 Unique Design- Our Cat Toy with three functions. It can work as an auto-rotating feather toy or a tumble. Kittens Toy features a laser pointer and singing function. It enriches your cat’s life experience by making them excited all the time!
  • ✔Turn Off Function- The sleep mechanism will activate every 5 minutes, that the Cat Laser Toywill be automatically turn off. This feature is to prevent your cat from being over-stimulated and getting exhausted. 
  • Safe & Durable- Our Cat Laser Pointer has made of environmentally friendly high-impact non-toxic plastic. This non-chewable & tasteless ABS material is sage for your pet. And you do not need to worry about being scratched or bitten.
  • ✔Healthy- Encourages healthy active movement and interactive activity to enhance our Cats overall health and well-living by the encouraged exercise of the mind and body.

👇🏻Laser Function

Laser light function in the toy allows the light point to move when rotating, which will draw your pets full attention.

👇🏻Sound Function

The sound will generate when the interactive toy is rotating. It will raise your pet curiosity to chase it to play.

👇🏻Feather Function

The tumbler shaped design allows the product a 360-degree rotation. It works as an auto feather toy that raises your pet hunting instinct.

👇🏻Two AA Batteries

Our Electronic Interactive Cat Toy has the design to operate on two AA batteries. It is portable and light in weight, suitable for outdoor use.