6 random Fish Tank Plants Aquarium Supplies

6 random Fish Tank Plants Aquarium Supplies

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Fish Tank Plants Aquarium Supplies

Do you have a fish tank? Looking for beautiful but functional aquarium decorations? Then this Fish Tank Plants Aquarium Supply is the answer to that! These are fish tank plant seeds that you can grow right in your aquarium. You can choose from 9 different types of plants, or you can get them all! Also, each bag of seeds is 11.8 x 7.5cm in size. These fish tank plants are a better alternative to plastic decorations because these have real benefits for your pet fishes. Make your fish tank even more beautiful with these Fish Tank Plant Seeds!

Why You Should Buy It

You should always go for real plants rather than artificial ones. What’s great about real water plants is that they absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen during daylight. It increases the oxygen levels for your fishes. Also, the plants make the tank more natural and comfortable for your fishes. The plants will serve as habitats for your fishes, and when fish are happy in their environment, they become less stressed and healthier. These fish tanks plants also harbor good bacteria and remove toxins from the water. Also, the plants can also be a food source for the fishes.

Easy to Grow

Some people opt to buy artificial plants because they get intimated of growing plants from scratch. You don’t have to worry about that with these plants. These are easy to grow and not complicated at all. First, before putting in the seeds, turn off the aquarium filter first so the seeds can settle nicely into the soil. Then, keep the moisture at 8°C to 30°C for the germination period of the seeds. Once the plants have grown, keep the tank’s temperature at  20°C to 25°C for the plants. Create a better and healthier environment for your fishes with these Fish Tank Plants!

  • These Fish Tank Plants will make beautiful and functional decorations for your aquarium
  • These plants will increase oxygen levels and remove toxins
  • These plants are easy to grow; these will provide a good habitat for your fish
  • Material: Seeds/ Bag Size: 11.8 x 7.5cm/ Weight:0.08kg
  • Package contents: 6 random x  Fish Tank Plant Seeds