Anti Anxiety Garlic Cat Bed With Cushion

Anti Anxiety Garlic Cat Bed With Cushion

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🙇🏻‍♂️ Keep Your Furry Friend With Loads Of Love And Comfort

If your cats are still sleeping on ordinary Pet Beds, they haven't discovered the wonder of the world yet. Our unique designed pet beds are way more comfortable than the regular beds.

Our Anti-anxiety Garlic Cat Bed allows your cat to enter through a clove of garlic that folds out, and you can leave the clove door open so your cat can freely access the heavenly bed. Our Adorable Garlic Bed has a cotton filling to provide warmth and comfort to your cat.

🍰 Product Highlights

  • 🍬 Anti Anxiety- Raised rim around the calming pet bed creates a sense of security to make your cat feel sheltered all around, which allows your pet to calm down faster and sleep more soundly.
  • 🍓 Extra Warmth- Our Cat Bed comes with a shag-like cotton filling that mimics the warmth given by a mother. The padded cushion provides added comfort to sink your pets into their safe place.
  • 🌱 Comfortable- The super-soft filling will not put any pressure on your friend's joints, thereby reducing joint and muscle pain. Physical pains are crucial for pets.
  • 🍒 High-quality Material- Our Heated Cat Bed has made of durable artificial fur. The interior has filled with super soft PP cotton. It has always provided soft support and comfort to your pet. 

😸 Machine Washable

Easy to clean and care for, use the gentle cycle speed with cold water, then dry it with low heat.

😸 Unique Design

Our Cute Cat Bed has an adorable unique cute design that is suitable for most existing home decor.

😸 Soft Cushion

Heated Cat House features a removable super soft pillow to lay on while inside, which is very easy to clean if it gets dirty!

😸 Portable

Our Cat Sleeping Bed can fit just about anywhere, including crates, cars and any room in your home. Even you can use it for travelling.