Anti-flea And Anti-tick Collars For Cats And Dogs

Anti-flea And Anti-tick Collars For Cats And Dogs

Color — For Dog
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Long-lasting anti-parasitic collar: This pet collar protects yourEffectively repels fleas for 7 to 8 months and resists ticks for up to 8 months

Contact Effect: This pet collar works on parasites even before they arebite/bite your animal to avoid pain, discomfort and stress

Unique technology: This pet collar will gradually release activityThe ingredients are uniform throughout the process Protect your pet's head and tail

Odor-free oily floor or touch-resistant waterproof:The characteristics of the collar are designed not to interfereThe relationship between you and your pet. This pet collar is effective against parasitesCollars are still effective with moderate exposure to waterReduce the risk of leishmaniasis: the disease is caused bySand flies are incurable and can be severe or even fatalEffects on your dog.

Packing: 0.13kg

Active ingredients: imidacloprid and bifenthrin