Aquarium Thermometer Digital Display

Aquarium Thermometer Digital Display

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  • Can be used in aquarium, body, and for home indoor and outdoor use
  • Elegant crystal design giving a 3D perspective effect
  • Shows accurate temperature results
  • Accuracy: ±0.1 Degree / Size: 15 x 70 mm
  • Package List:
    • 1 x Aquarium Thermometer Digital Display

Aquarium Thermometer Digital Display

Be aware of the water temperature on your fish tank for your fish safety with the Aquarium Thermometer. Easy to install and gives accurate temperature measurements in real time.

Stylish Crystal Design

This device is an adorable thermometer tool you can use for your aquarium due to its elegant transparent design. Its transparency looks like a crystal. It reflects what is behind it. Once you install it outside the tank’s wall, the device looks like it is part of the wall. You can see through it because of its clear glass. Its design gives a 3D perspective effect.

Accurate Measurements

You can be sure that this device is delivering the precise water temperature. It is highly sensitive because it is equipped with an electronic sensor with an accuracy of up to 0.1 degrees. Not just for the aquarium but this thermometer can also be for other uses. Applicable as a body thermometer and as an indoor and outdoor thermometer.

Easy to Install

This device already comes with a battery. First, pull or tear off the battery insulating piece to make the thermometer work. After that, remove the sticker. Then stick it to the outer part of the glass aquarium under the water level. Use the Aquarium Thermometer any place you want it with its portable size. Its size is just perfect for any site to install as it does not take too much space. The thermometer will make it just like a part of the aquarium.

Digital Display

Read the temperature display even if you are from afar. Reading the temperature made more comfortable due to the large digital display LCD screen. It will show the current temperature of the tank’s water. You can be aware of your fish if in a safe and comfortable environment.