Astronaut Glasses Stand

Astronaut Glasses Stand

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Material: Resin
Dimensions: Standing Astronaut: 2.75x6.69in
Seated Astronaut: 3.54x5.91in

The clever placement of the eyes function allows us to put the glasses on it when we are resting, so we don't have to worry about not finding the glasses.

According to the ergonomics of the glasses frame, the astronaut's head is intimately designed with eye placement slots, which is simple and convenient to place the glasses and is more stable.

Fully hand-carved, meticulously hand-painted, fresh colors, to achieve both form and spirit, creating an ideal home for glasses.

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Production Process:

Made with heart, made for love

1.Firstly, measure the dimensions of the glasses stand.

2.Secondly, cut the desired shape through the machine.

3.Draw the details of the glasses stand.

4.Polish the surface and make it smooth.

5.Get the desired details through machine, paint, and assemble.

6.Complete the production process.