Automatic Dog Feeder Bowl - Food & Water

Automatic Dog Feeder Bowl - Food & Water

Color — Grey
Save $20.00

The feature of this product is that it will not block the main food, can store more water, more humane design, large capacity, prevent rollover, let pets fall in love with diet

One storage space is enough to store for one week, don’t worry about running out of water and food

Small and medium-sized cats and dogs under 13KG: 3-6 days for drinking fountains / 7-14 days for food containers Medium and large dogs under 13-30KG: Drinker 1-3 days / Food container 3-6 days

Product name: pet color drinker/food container Material: PVC + ABS

15° tilt, careful tilt design, automatically feed food

Siphon device to prevent water leakage, control the speed of drinking water, and prevent overflow

Non-slip base, stable and firm, bottom non-slip pad design to prevent pets from moving during eating

Can be disassembled and cleaned, allowing pets to eat fresh food every day.