Automatic Fish Food Feeder

Automatic Fish Food Feeder

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If long hours at the office keep you from feeding your fish regularly or you’re going on vacation, this automatic feeder can dispense flakes, granules or pellets on a set schedule!

It can be programmed up to 4 precise meal feeding time per day and easily last you 6 weeks thank you to the 200ml large-capacity feeding container to accommodate various portion sizes. 

You can program it in minutes using the simple LCD panel and the adjustable lever can be used to regulate the amount of meal that’s released. It’s equipped to accommodate both open and close fish tanks through the rotatable bracket or double-sided base sticker.


  • Programable 4 Precise Feeding Timer. It offers 4 self-activating release modes and a manual setting. You can set up to 4 precise meal feeding times per day. If you prefer simplicity, there is a manual feeding button for you to feed your fish pet instantly. 
  • 200ml Large-Capacity Container. Size really matters! This intelligent feeder comes with a 200ml large-capacity container that can easily last you 6-weeks of supply while you are away. You can forget about the frequent pellets top-up hassle!
  • Adjustable Top Lever. The adjustable lever gives you the advantage to control the snacks drop amount for each feeding depending on your fish size and quantity. It is advisable to reduce the feeding amount while you are away for long trips to prevent the Ammonia and Nitrites levels spike.
  • Large LCD Screen and Quiet Operation. The large LCD screen ensures all the navigators are visible for easy setup and convenience to use.
  • 2-way Mounting and Rotatable Base. Its adjustable bracket makes it easy to attach over the rims of most tanks (<25mm). It’s equipped to accommodate both open and close fish tanks through the bracket or double-sided base sticker with feeding on top. 

Product Specification:

  • Size: 5.90*4.33*2.95" (15*7.5*11 cm)
  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Fish Tank Rim Thickness: ≤0.98" (≤25mm)
  • Battery: 2*AA (not included and need to buy separately)
  • Timer: 4 different timing