Baby Outdoor Net Tent

Baby Outdoor Net Tent

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Kids get really excited about outdoor activities especially beach days in the summer season. Though elders can withstand heat, it can be extremely unsafe for kids, as it can harm their sensitive skin. So, would you just leave them at home? No, you won’t! Use our Baby Outdoor Net Tent and allow kids to have fun.

This Outdoor Net Tent keeps the babies safe and protected from all sides. The Tent allows the kids to have a space of their own, where they can play, enjoy the beautiful view or simply relax.

The Net mesh protects the babies from all insects flying around especially mosquitoes. It provides ample room for air ventilation inside the tent, so the babies don’t get suffocated and they can enjoy the beautiful view ahead of them.

The polyester-made Tent keeps the babies safe from the harmful UV rays of the sun and they can enjoy all the outdoor activities while being comfortable in the Net Tent. It is lightweight and portable to be carried anywhere.

The quick pop mechanism allows it to be set up anywhere, whether it is the beach, backyard, a garden, etc. and since it is portable to be carried anywhere you want.
It is the perfect gift for parents who like to take their babies along with them on outdoor activities or on the beach in the summer season.


  • Perfect for keeping babies safe outdoors
  • well-protected space for babies where they can enjoy on their own
  • The Net mesh makes it breathable, allows airflow, and keeps all insects especially mosquitoes away
  • The Tent protects the babies’ sensitive skin from getting sunburned from the harmful UV rays
  • Lightweight, portable, and quick pop up set up
  • perfect gift for all parents who want to keep their babies safe and protected outdoors 


  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 39 x 3 cm 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Baby Outdoor Net Tent