Cat Backpack Breathable Pet Travel Bag

Cat Backpack Breathable Pet Travel Bag

Color — Pink
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Take your cat with you wherever you go. Whether it be the supermarket,  a walk in the park, camping outdoors, or simply going outside. You're cat is your best friend and you want it to enjoy the nice weather too.

So why not get your cat this backpack carrier that is just purr-fect when you want to take your cat outdoors. 

Your cat will be delighted and the passers-by will be watching your cat in the backpack too - giving it the extra attention it deserves.


✔️ Portable

✔️ Breathable 

✔️ Comfortable

✔️ Durable -  Can hold up to ~10kg / 22lbs

✔️ Internal Traction Buckle - Simply connect your cat's collar to the buckle, when you open the bag, you'll have peace of mind your cat won't run away. 

Specs: Size: 35*30*40cm

Get one for you're cat today and enjoy the outdoors together!