Cat Water Fountain With High Performance Long-lasting Filter

Cat Water Fountain With High Performance Long-lasting Filter

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😼According to the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, one of the most common cat health problems is chronic kidney disease.

Did you know cats who are given tap water by their parents have higher chances of having urinary diseases? There are chemicals and small particles in tap water that don't do any good to their delicate renal system.

Not only that, but kidney issues can occur overnight at any age, and it's more common than it seems.

Trupanion—a leading provider of medical insurance for cats and dogs—has a report that states a strong connection between urinary tract diseases among pets and tap water in U.S. cities.

And the Pet Health Network has studies pointing that 1 in 3 cats suffer from kidney disease.

If a cat has been diagnosed with feline chronic kidney disease, there's no way to reverse it. However, cats with CKD can continue to have a great life if proper care is taken. Especially with hydration since they have to drink way more water than healthy cats.

Filtered water is the way to go whether your kitty has been diagnosed with CKD or not.

😼 Cats love drinking from running water.

That's because their natural feline instincts tell them it's the safest thing to do. Stagnant water usually has a lot of harmful bacteria and parasites. It's one of the reasons why some cats don't like drinking water from a bowl. They end up drinking because they don't have a choice.

With a cat water fountain, you will be sure that your cat is constantly drinking clean water for the proper functioning of her kidneys.

😺 Changing the water from the bowl three times a day to keep the water clean won't be needed anymore.

You can leave the fountain running for days without having to worry if you've changed the water or not when you leave your house.

You won't have to worry about seeing your cat drinking from places like the toilet or the faucet because she'll have her own source of fresh, running water.

It's not funny when a cat sits and cries near the faucet at 3 A.M., begging you to turn it on, to the point that makes you consider letting it drip continuously.

Nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars on expensive and time-consuming treatments while seeing the cat suffering and then having to say goodbye because the problem gets too big to handle. The best thing to do is to act now.

😼 A fountain is the best way to encourage your cat to drink safely.

We've designed the Magic Feline Fountain for cat parents like you, who want the best for their little felines.

Our beloved fountain is made of non-toxic materials (BPA free) and has the most sophisticated water filtering system for cats in the world.

The most important layer of the filter is made of high-quality coconut shell activated carbon. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has cited studies that say that active carbon filters remove up to 80 chemicals that can be found in tap water and are additionally effective in reducing another 52.

😺 The water that comes out of the filter is fresh, free of bad odors, tasty, and has beneficial minerals that improve your cat's overall health.

There's a sponge that acts as a secondary filter and prevents dirt and fur from getting into the main filter to let the fountain remain unclogged.

Also, the Magic Feline Fountain is apple-shaped to let you clean it in the blink of an eye, without any troubles. All you'll have to do is clean it once a week, refill the water when needed, and change the filter only once every two months.

We'll send you a manual to show you how to clean the fountain, and how to set it up too. So don't worry, because it won't be a complicated puzzle, the steps are as clear as water—pun intended.