Cooling Dog Bed Summer Pet Mat

Cooling Dog Bed Summer Pet Mat

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Cooling Dog Bed Summer Pet Mat

Just like the rest of us, our pet dogs feel hot as well. During the hot and humid seasons, our pet can feel uncomfortable from all the heat. Not to mention, most dogs already have thick fur which makes it already hot for them. Their thick fur is very convenient for cold seasons however it is a disadvantage for them during summer. Now. we don’t want them feeling uncomfortable. So, get them this cooling dog bed for them to sleep on comfortably. More so, they can feel cool and relax well when they lie down on this. Our pets tend to look for cool corners and nooks in the house. However, this kind of setting might be uncomfortable for both you and your pet. So instead, make your pet cool and comfortable in their own space with this cooling dog bed for the summer.

Soft and Cooling Fabric

The material of this dog bed is a cold-sensitive fabric which makes it cool all the time. Consequently, the fabric of this bed is smooth so your pet will definitely love this. Not only that, this bed smooth and fluffy as well so it will feel like sleeping on a cloud. With this, they can sleep soundly during the summer heat. The cool-core fabric evenly spreads out the heat. This way, the fabric of this dog bed stays cool all the time. Aside from that, on the edges of the bed has these thick cushion that makes the bed even more comfortable. Your pet dog can use the edges as a pillow where they can lean on their head.

Easy to Clean

You can easily clean this bed by washing it. It has a washable fabric so your pet can lie down on a clean and cool bed every time.

  • Keep your dog cool even during the summer heat when they lie down on this cooling dog bed
  • Its cool-core fabric evenly spreads and keeps out the heat so the bed stays cool all the time
  • It is smooth and soft so it gives the ultimate comfort to your dog, this bed is easy to clean as well
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Weight: 350-700g
  • Size Variants:
    • S: Length 45cm x Width 35cm
    • M: Length 55cm x Width 45cm
    • L: Length 78cm x Width 58cm
  • Package Content:
    • 1 x Cooling Dog Bed Summer Pet Mat