DIY Micro Drip Irrigation System

DIY Micro Drip Irrigation System

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Add the DIY Micro Drip Irrigation System to your garden accessories for easy watering. This system is great for making sure your plants, lawn, and flowerbeds stay well hydrated.

You'll love how easy it is to set up and use!

The automatic features are extremely convenient.

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 Automatic watering system
 This system reduces water usage by up to 70% over traditional sprinklers by focusing water directly to the root of your plants
 Great for all types of vegetation

 Hose Length: Approx. 50m
 Inner Diameter : 4 mm
 Outer Diameter : 6.2 - 6.5 mm
 Applications: Flowers, plants, bonsai and potted fruit, for family homes, hotels, clubs, offices and other plants of intelligent care

— 3 X Faucet Joint Fitting
— 1 X Hose
— 1 X Sealing Tape
— 30 X T Adapter
— 30 X Drainer
— 30 X Shaft
— 1 X Universal Adapter