Dog Car Seat Cover

Dog Car Seat Cover

Color — Black
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😺 Protect your car interior from dirt and scratches!

🌱 If you’re always fretting over your car’s interior getting dirty from those muddy, claw-y paws, the PupTravel - Dog Car Seat Cover is just for you. A waterproof, scratch-resistant, easy-to-install seat cover/hammock that’ll keep your car clean and tidy when traveling with your canine best friends!

🌱 The PupTravel - Dog Car Seat Cover is made with safety in mind. To ensure your precious pet's safety, the PupTravel is equipped with seat anchors to hold the cover in place, an anti-slap mat, a velcro opening for the seat belt, and safety buckles to keep the cover in place. 

🌱 This innovative car seat cover also comes with a built-in mesh window improving visibility so that you and your pet can see each other, perfect for dogs that may have separation anxiety. The mesh window also allows for increased airflow, so that your pet can stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter!

🐱 Benefits

😺Say Goodbye To Scratches - The anti-scratch 600D polyester is sturdy enough to withstand the scratching and clawing of your furry friend.

😺Provides Full Coverage: From the backseat to the backside of the front seats, and backrest to even side doors, this seat cover will make sure the back section of your car is well shielded.

😺Keeps It Clean & Tidy: Got a pup that sheds like crazy? Don’t worry, the dog car seat cover is designed to trap hair, fur, dander, and even water spills. Also includes two small pockets for extra storage. More room for treats!

😺See-Through Mesh Window: Features a mesh window that increases airflow and visibility to the backseat and also creates a barrier to keep your canine from jumping into the front seat.

😺Easy To Install: Supplied with snap buckles, seat anchors, straps and Velcro support to make installation easy-breezy. 

Product Sizing:

56.3" W x 60.3" L