Dog & Cat Food Puzzle Toy Treat Boredom Dispensing Slow Feeder

Dog & Cat Food Puzzle Toy Treat Boredom Dispensing Slow Feeder

Color — Pink
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Product description

Material: ABS/PP

Size: 31*25*28mm

Color: pink, blue, green

Package content: 1*Pet puzzle toy

1.PUZZLES DEVELOP YOUR DOG'S BRAIN: Interactive dog toys, dog puzzles or games are a great way to stimulate your dogs brain. Whether training a puppy or looking for dog toys for boredom for an older pet the Interactive Dog Toy will mentally stimulate your dog for hours.

2.PROMOTES HEALTHY DIET: Dog puzzle toys and dog interactive toys with food promote slower eating which is healthier for your pet. The mental stimulation is great brain exercise and helps them to slow down their eating.

3.GREAT FOR SMALL OR MEDIUM DOGS: If you are looking for dog games for small or medium size dogs ,this dog treat dispensing toy is the perfect coice. It is easily adjustable in height to accommodate either size.

4.Easy to use: The cylinder opening side of the design, easy operation, adjust the size of the struts for a variety of pet. This dog puzzle toy was created with only the best quality in mind. Highly durable and non-toxic helps, ensure your dogs stays healthy while having fun

5.HOW THIS DOG TREAT DISPENSER GAME WORKS: First the food is placed in the top round feeder. The dog must turn the slow feeder to get the food through the leakholes, then continue to search for food on bottom plate maze.