Dog Goggles UV Sunglasses Windproof Snowproof Dog Glasses for Long Snout Dogs, Soft Frame, Flexible Adjustable Straps

Dog Goggles UV Sunglasses Windproof Snowproof Dog Glasses for Long Snout Dogs, Soft Frame, Flexible Adjustable Straps

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  • Element-Proof Lenses (Windproof, Waterproof, Dust-Proof, UV-Proof)
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Soft Frame
  • Adjustable Elastic Straps (Head and Chin)
  • Zipper Hard Case for Storage

Seeing a dog wearing goggles might look nice. However, make no mistake for they aren’t simply fashion accessories. They are actually a necessity in many situations especially if they are active outdoors. While K9 goggles are common for police dog units since they work in areas with plenty of particulates, the same need to protect the eyes from foreign objects is true for every other dog breed.

Goggles for dogs with pannus are targeted for specific breeds which is why they also function as German Shepherd goggles. However, pannus and other eye conditions such as conjunctivitis and glaucoma can inflict any breed. This is why you can also find goggles for small dogs such as pug goggles. 

Maybe you’re scouring the market for puppy goggles to start on the right foot of dog care from a young age or simply looking for small dog goggles to fit your pet. Whether you’re looking for dog motorcycle goggles for your bike excursions, or dog goggles for the car whenever you’re out on a road trip, or even dog snow goggles if you’re up in the mountains during winter or running around on snow, you’re sure to want to secure the protection and comfort of your four-legged friends.

  • Comfortable Fit - The best dog sunglasses don’t deserve the name if they leave your pet feeling stressed wearing them. The soft TPE frame ensures their head won’t hurt even with a snug fit. Not to mention that with two elastic straps, you can adjust it for a more custom fit which makes this pair suitable as small dog sunglasses too.
  • Element-Proof - The best dog goggles offer all-around protection from the elements. Windproof, waterproof, dust-proof, and UV-proof, this pair dons the look and function of dog ski goggles. With foolproof protection, you can be sure your dog’s eyes are safe no matter where life takes you.
  • Durable - Dog goggles of military nature aren’t only known for being tactical but also for their heavy-duty use. Made of a TPE frame, you can be sure it can withstand almost anything without the dangers of breaking. A dog helmet and goggles of this caliber are sure to last you for a long time.