Dog Hair Remover Shedding Gloves

Dog Hair Remover Shedding Gloves

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Dog Hair Remover Shedding Gloves

This is for all the fur parents out there who are having a hard time with their pet’s fur. Dogs are very adorable and charming animals, no wonder everyone loves them. Especially those fluffy dogs with a smooth coat of fur. They are just too irresistible not to touch or hug even. For these dogs, their fur is their crowning glory. Some dogs even feel shy or even get sad whenever their owners shave their fur in the grooming services. However, for the case for these types of dogs, there is a time where shed an excessive amount of fur. It is their natural process to make room for a newer and shinier coat. During this time, dog owners struggle with the amount of fur the dogs leave. But with this dog hair remover gloves, removing all the fur can be done in just a couple of sweeps.

Smart and Efficient Design

This shedding glove has an ergonomic and efficient design. Other dog shedding devices that remove dog fur are not as easy to use as this one. It also is not comfortable for the dog’s part which might cause them stress. Stress for pets are very critical since it can cause complications to their health. That is why making sure that your dog is stress-free should be a priority. This glove has soft bristles that do not irritate the dog. Just brush it to as if you’re petting them and your dog won’t even notice.

Secure Wrist Strap

The gloves won’t easily fall off from your hand because of its strap. It makes sure that your shedding activity goes smoothly by making sure your gloves stay perfectly in place. It uses velcro to adjust the tightness of the strap. Perfect for any hand size, the gloves will surely fit your hands.

  • Remove all the shedding fur from your dog efficiently with this dog hair remover gloves
  • Soft bristles that won’t hurt your dog, it will feel like your just petting them
  • Safe and secure adjustable wrist strap
  • Material: silicone
  • Size: about 23.2 x 17.2cm(L x W)
  • Variants: Left Hand, Right Hand, Left Hand+Right Hand
  • Package per Variant:
    • Left Hand
      • 1 x Dog Hair Remover Shedding Gloves
    • Right Hand
      • 1 x Dog Hair Remover Shedding Gloves
    • Left Hand+Right Hand
      • 2 x Dog Hair Remover Shedding Gloves