Dog Support Harness, Dog Hand-held Auxiliary Belt, Suitable For Rehabilitation Of Elderly Dogs

Dog Support Harness, Dog Hand-held Auxiliary Belt, Suitable For Rehabilitation Of Elderly Dogs

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[Comfortable and breathable] The dog harness is made of comfortable sandwich mesh and PU material, with rebound function and ventilation function, which can bear most of the dog's weight. Our lifting belts make your dog comfortable to wear and are ideal for walking and climbing when elderly dogs suffer from arthritis or injuries.

[Prevention of joint damage] If your dog suffers from a series of diseases such as degenerative myelopathy and hip dysplasia, a dog belt can help your dog solve these problems. Let your dog climb stairs and climb stairs, get off the car, Live a comfortable life. Ordinary life. Dog leashes can effectively help dogs prevent hip pain and aging.

[Anti-drop design] When you want your pet to play freely, you can hang dog ornaments on the collar or the dog's chest to prevent the dog car seat belt from falling off. Of course, you can also adjust the size of the dog harness yourself.

[Easy to install] The dog strap is very easy to install. After releasing the button, the seat belt can be connected to the dog's hind legs within a few seconds. Then put on the dog harness and adjust the size, but remember that if the julius harness is too tight, the dogs skin will wear out every day

[Animal exercise assistance] Car dog belt can help animals resume outdoor activities. It is very suitable for elderly dogs, disabled dogs and injured dogs who need balance and mobility assistance.

Product description
1. Take a walk every day.
The dog leash is comfortable and durable, and the adjustable strap can help your dog friend.
2. Take the stairs.
Stay active, you will feel better and stay healthy.
3. Stable in the car.
Suitable for: elderly dogs, weakness of hind legs, bone injuries, arthritis.

The strap is equipped with comfortable padding, which is perfect for protecting your hands, making them comfortable and comfortable to use. She has the strength and durability to handle your dog. Our straps can lift your dog without bending over.

Our seat belts are easy to use. Just unbuckle the buckle, place it on the dog's hind legs and fix it. After fixing, adjust it to the required length. An effective, economical and simple way to alleviate dog problems.

Package content:
1 x dog harness