Expandable Portable Transparent Pet Backpack For Dogs

Expandable Portable Transparent Pet Backpack For Dogs

Color — Black
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🎡Travel And Admire World With Your Pet!

It is never pleasant to leave your pet behind during a trip or a hike, but with this Dog Carrier Backpack, you can bring your pet along and watch the world with them. Let them go to see the world with you and let them double your happiness.

Our most popular Pet Bubble Backpack is now even better. Fortunately, our new backpack includes a transparent window and a rest tent on the back to make it easier for your pet to enjoy the view. Our backpack carrier is perfect for adventures, hikes, and casual walks.

🥎What Our Customers Say

"I love this my dog took a liking it real quick. I am extremely happy with this purchase. It is really good quality with a perfect design. I would definitely recommend it!"

Jack, New York

🎂Product Highlights

🎈Expandable Tent Bed- Our Dog Backpack has a large expandable back which can provide more play space and rest time for your cats and dogs. Our backpack is very convenient for travelling by air and going out for a picnic.

🧨Good Ventilation- Our Pet Backpack features ventilation nets and nine large holes which provide fresh air to your pet. The expandable anti-scratch net and air filter on the back provide maximum breathability and allow your pet to enjoy a good time with you.

🍟Durable And Safe- With an anti-scratch fabric net, our Dog Hiking Backpack is durable and easy to clean. The back anchor and anti-skid pad prevent your pets from bumping and jumping out of the bag. And allows your pet a comfortable journey.

✨Unique Transparent Design- Our Puppy Backpack transparent bubble shell design allows your pet to see the outside scene in all directions and feel safe with comfort. The transparent dome is sturdy and scratch-resistant.

🐱‍💻Escape Side Design

Our Transparent Pet Backpack has a small side door opening that allows a pet to put his head out feel more comfortable.

🎶Anti-Slip Bottom

Anti-Slip Bottom increases stability and adds support to your backpack. And makes your four-legged friends feel more secure.

🤶Perfect For Travelling

Small Dog Carrier Backpack is suitable for your car backseat while you are driving. Its expandable back gives enough space to your pet while travelling.

🐱‍🏍For Small & Medium

Our Pet Carrier Backpack is suitable for small to medium-sized pets like cats, dogs, rabbits or hamsters. The backpack provides ample space for them.