Fish Automatic Feeder LCD Display Timer Feeding Dispenser

Fish Automatic Feeder LCD Display Timer Feeding Dispenser

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This feeder is quiet and stylish. Perfectly decorated for your fish tank.

The capacity of auto fish feeder increases to 100 ml, depending on the food type and the amount dispensed it can meet 1 – 3 months feeding needs. Built-in setting button allows to adjust the dose and frequency of feeding, it also allows to decide when to feed.

Feeding fish with careful patience, provides from 1 – 4 meals per day automatically, whether you are home or away, your fish might be fat when you come back.

Accommodates most types of fish food, like dry, loose flakes, pellets and crumbles, unique design to prevent food from moisture and stoppage.

The logo “Lo” displayed on the LCD indicates the power is low, it reminds you to replace the batteries within 3 days. Compares to a traditional plug-in option, battery operated is safer for your house when you and your family are away.

Material: Plastic
Powered by: 2 x AAA batteries(Not included)
Attachment Method: Clips or Velcro fixed
Capacity: 100ML
Size: 11*9.8cm