Foldable Car Windshield Sunshade Umbrella

Foldable Car Windshield Sunshade Umbrella

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This car sunshade umbrella will effectively block intense sun heat and harmful UV rays to protect your car’s electronics, dashboard, leather and seats, prevent fading and cracking, and keep your vehicle’s interior cooler and comfortable

This automobile sun umbrella is made of high-quality material that is heat-insulating, UV-blocking, and long-lasting.
The automotive automobile sun umbrella can successfully shade you from the sun and offer you with a cool driving environment while also preventing sun cracking on the seats and dashboard.

With its high weather resistance, such as anti-snow, fog, UV, and heat, the vehicle sun umbrella can be used in all seasons, whether it’s spring rain, summer sun, autumn leaves, or winter snow.
This vehicle sunshade umbrella’s longevity is ensured by strong bones and steady support.



  • Material: Metal+Cloth
  • Color: Black+Silver
  • Small One: 65x125cm
  • Large One: 79x145cm