Furniture Scratch Protector 18x12" (45x30cm)

Furniture Scratch Protector 18x12" (45x30cm)

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Scratching is something cats do to sharpen their claws. That's cute and all but why does it have to happen on the beautiful furniture?

It doesn't! This Furniture Scratch Protector will stop your furry friends from scratching your sofa, armchair, drapes, table legs, and any new expensive furniture you're getting.

With this Furniture Scratch Protector, your pets will quickly learn where not to scratch and you can joyfully say goodbye to the endless scratching and destruction of furniture! 👋

The protector sheets are thick enough to deter your cat's claws but also flexible enough to bend around the contours of your furniture.

The protector sheets are easily removable to be placed in a different place and do not leave any lasting residue or any visible marks behind!

With the protector sheet's 100% transparency you can install them anywhere, on any material: fabric, leather, polyester, etc. Place them where your furry friend scratches the most.

  • Stop stressing about always having to keep an eye on the pets around the furniture
  • Build a better relationship with your pets when you don't have to shout at them anymore
  • Keep your furniture in perfect condition even with a furry friend in the house
  • Transparent and discreet - Blends perfectly with the material
  • Super easy to install - Simply peel the cover and place where it's needed
  • Reuse around the house to cover more places once the pet learned where not to scratch
  • Non-toxic clear vinyl - Safe for you and your pet
  • Apply on any material
  • 1 Sheet is 18x12''(45x30cm)