Hand Rolling Pea Sheller Machine

Hand Rolling Pea Sheller Machine

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Pea is a naturally sweet legume that is rich in vitamins, starch, proteins, dietary fiber, and phytochemicals that are associated with many health benefits. It is also used to prepare a wide variety of delicious meals. But shelling peas with your bare hands can be a slow tedious task and it will leave your fingernails green and messy. The Hand Rolling Pea Sheller Machine is designed to make this chore simpler and faster.

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The Pea Sheller Machine has mechanical gears, a handle, and a collecting dish where the shelled peas fall into. It is easy and safe to operate. All you need to do is; feed the peas into the mechanical gears, then push the handle and start rolling it. You will see your fresh perfectly shelled peas on the other side in the collecting dish.

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The ABS plastic used to make this Pea Sheller Machine is food-grade and non-hazardous. It does not contain harmful chemicals that could pose a risk to your health. This material is strong and durable. If you are wondering if it is washable, the answer is yes. You can wash it without bothering if washing will impair its functions because it won’t.

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There is a knob located at the opposite side of the handle that can be used to lock or pin the sheller machine in place so that it doesn’t slide around while you are shelling peas. The handle can be removed and installed on the other end, so whether you are left-handed or right-handed you can use this sheller machine with ease.

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This sheller machine is a tool that will totally amaze kids and they will love using it. So if you love having your little one around as you prepare meals, shelling peas with this sheller machine is an interesting task your child will enjoy.

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