Heavy Duty Dog Leash Reflective Dog Walking Leash

Heavy Duty Dog Leash Reflective Dog Walking Leash

Color — Black
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Product description
Material: nylon
Feature: padded, reflective
Leash width: 12.5cm
Elastic area: 43.3-59.1 inches (110-150 cm)

Package content: 1 * pet leash

1. Multifunctional elastic leash: Our dog leash ideal for walking, running, training and driving
The seat belt of the car seat belt keeps your pet safe in the vehicle while driving

2. Shock Absorbing Dog Leash: High-suspension bungee system that effectively absorbs sudden bumps your dog causes while walking and running, extends from 110cm to 150cm to give your dog some freedom.

3. Two handles: traffic control handle with innovative rubber for closer control when needed, such as crossing roads or near heavy traffic; The softly padded handle minimizes injuries.

4. Highly reflective: Our dog leash with luminous reflective stitching, both you and your dog are safe when you go for a walk at night or early morning.

5. Strong metal: Antioxidant and corrosion-resistant D-ring clasp near the handle help you hang small bags such as poop bags or treat bags, our training leash can hold dogs up to 15-40kg.