Intelligent Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser

Intelligent Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser

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Go TOUCHLESS, it is more hygienic and kids will be encouraged to wash their hands more often!

Manual soap dispensers and bars of soap can harbor the dirt and germs of the last person to use them, spreading them to the next user.

Touchless technology is one effective way of reducing the number of germs, bacteria, and viruses people come into contact with. 

Our Intelligent Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser with a built-in accurate infrared sensor automatically dispenses the right amount of foam needed to clean your hands. 


 Hygienic: Avoiding contact is one of the best ways to cut the spread of germs.

 Easier: Foam hand washing is easier to spread and rinse clean than thick liquid soap.

 Minimalist Design: Gives a touch of contemporary design to your kitchen, bathroom, or toilet.

 Two Modes: Full control of the amount of foam you want. Mode 1 dispenses 0.5g; Mode 2 dispenses 1.0g. 


  • Capacity: 250ml
  • Size (approx): 3.35" x 4.72" x 8.07" (8.5 x 12 x 20.5cm)
  • Power: 4x AA batteries (not included)


  • Mix liquid soap with water by 1:3 ratio. Do not dilute the mixture too much.
  • Stir gently to mix, do not shake aggressively.
  • Do not put mixture higher than the max level.
  • Use the syringe to pump warm water through the hose in case of blockage. Recommend to do this every 3 months as a maintenance routine.