Mini Air Cooler, Portable, Suitable For Home Outdoor Office Dormitory

Mini Air Cooler, Portable, Suitable For Home Outdoor Office Dormitory

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Portable size This personal fan has only 8 inches, lightweight laptop design, easy to wear, very suitable for home, office, travel. Three wind speeds for you to choose.
Evaporative air cooler equipped with the latest evaporation cooling technology, portable air cooler sucks hot air and makes it pass through a Wet filter, expelled the cooling wind and refreshing air.Humidification wind cooling it can keep you cool and keep your skin wet, more comfortable and healthier than staying up all day in an air-conditioned room.
Energy saving and health The little ones Air circulators do not contain refrigerant. Energy consumption is the same as that of electric light bulbs, without fluorion, and much cheaper than the use of fluorine air conditioners in hot summer. No fan blade is exposed outside, does not hurt anyone and can be safely used by children or pets.
500ml Integrated water tank This cooler d Air can last 6 hours provided complete the tank. Silent shipment of fresh air, free your sensitive ears. Timer function 2h / 4h
Warm lighting The mini air conditioner fan is equipped with sifted light T can be used as night light. This can bring you a good mood and help you better fall asleep. The mini air conditioner fan has 7 sifted lights. Product Description
The essential name of portable air conditioning systems to find solutions to your overheating problems. Our quality commitments, innovation to offer you the best value for money. PADI Home Mini Air Conditioner Fan is a powerful, lightweight and compact personal air cooler that you can take everywhere. It cools, moisturizes and purifies the hot air of your room to make it a breeze of fresh air, fresh and clean

Adverse wind speed
The air cooler Powerful and compact staff Aspires the hot air through its evaporation water filter to fill any fresh, clean and comfortable air space
The cooling air, humidifies and purifies for better circulation and breathability.
Bass operation
It is very easy to install and use. Fill the 500 ml tank with tap water and press the start button. Get instant relief from heat wherever you go. If easy

This device is really a personal space cooler and is not intended to be an air conditioner.
Compact and easy to carry
It comes with its own transport handle. Due to its compact and portable design, it is a good choice for use in the office, at home or even at a friend. It offers you a better and colder environment wherever you are.
Ption of 7 color-cycle lights
The light and quiet fan combined with the soothing pilot make this air conditioner perfect To use during the night for comfortable sleep. In addition, it is energy efficient and without freon

How to use
Simulate the natural wind and add the ingenious water cooling concept. Simply add water (or ice cubes) to the specified water tank and press the start button and now you are your own portable air conditioner

Note: Please do not tilt the Apparatus, otherwise it could flee water.
Intelligent wind control with third speed adjustable
Uniform speed distribution
Large volume and large volume of fog
500 ml large volume spray concentration
Mini portable air cooler air conditioning fan
Freshness Suitable for pets
Animals that are not gifted to dissipate heat can also fall asleep gently because of the breeze. With "PADI Home Air Conditioner", your pet can live a comfortable experience during the hot summer.
Warm tips:
Install it in a place where animals do not can not hurt.
When using for domestic animals, use under surveillance.
If used exclusively for pets, it is not Not recommended to add water to the equipment.
The package includes:
1 x personal air conditioner fan