Multifunctional Electric Cat Head Massager

Multifunctional Electric Cat Head Massager

Color — White
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The multifunctional cat massager will calm your cat’s restlessness and provide efficiency in bathing your cat, and it also helps with blood circulation, as well as improving the cleanliness of the shower and helping to remove dirt.

The Multifunctional Cat Massager has four massagers with 76 small contacts that rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise to mimic human fingers and provide your pet with an unforgettable massage experience.

The Multifunctional Cat Massager reduces general anxiety and stress by providing a multi-level massage, while improving circulation and aiding indigestion.

This massager will help increase your pet’s blood circulation and relax tense muscles that are often caused by fear of lightning storms, fireworks or other loud noises.

The Multifunctional Cat Massager features a soft brush, made of soft ABS. Use the skin massager as a skin brush to avoid direct contact with the nails on the skin and not to harm your pet’s skin.

360° deep massage: This scalp massager has 4 heads, 76 massage contacts and 360° rotating massage to deeply reduce head pressure and pain, promote blood circulation, help hair growth and cleanliness, stay comfortable and fall asleep quickly.

The massager is designed with a curved, non-slip handle that fits in the palm of your hand and fingers. The single button operation makes it easy to give your pet a massage. Please note that it is important to first train your pet to get used to the massager.

Massager has a built-in lithium battery and USB rechargeable: the built-in 600mAH lithium battery can be charged quickly outdoors with a mobile power supply or directly at home with a mobile phone charger. (AC power plug not included, USB charging cable only)

A. Food grade silicone contacts, both flexible and elastic, force more even contact with skin without irritation.
B. Easy to clean, contacts can be removed and cleaned at any time.
C. Easy to disassemble and wash, it is recommended to wash with 5℃-40℃ warm water to protect the contacts and use for a longer time.
D. USB port for easy charging (USB charging cable included).
E. Generally can be fully charged in about 2-3 hours