Multifunctional Mandoline Vegetable Fruits Slicer & Chopper

Multifunctional Mandoline Vegetable Fruits Slicer & Chopper

Save $30.00

Have you ever accidentally cut your fingers while cutting vegetables? Have you ever complained that it took too much time to slice the potatoes and julienne the carrots with a knife?

Be smart like thousands of our customers who have been using our Multifunctional Mandoline Vegetable Fruits Slicer & Chopper to totally change the way they cut vegetables and fruits. No more risk of cutting fingers and save half the time on slicing and julienning!

Comes with 7 razor-sharp blades, it combines the functionalities of multiple appliances for your slicing, chopping, julienning, dicing and grating needs.


 Time & Energy Saver: No more spending so much time and energy on slicing the potatoes, julienning the carrots, dicing the cucumbers, and grating the garlic with a knife. With our Mandolin Slicer & Chopper, you can finish the jobs with half of the effort and time.

 Protection: Unlike conventional cutting with a knife, your fingers are not directly exposed to the sharp surface. It also comes with a hand-guard as extra protection.

 Easy To Use: Just change the blades and press for cutting different vegetables or fruits into different shapes and thicknesses.

 Quality & Safe: Made of high quality, BPA-free ABS, and food-grade stainless steel. It is 100% safe for health and very long-lasting.

 Easy To Clean: Use the included claw to easily sweep off the residue on the presser. The rest of the attachments can be easily detached and cleaned.


  • Size (approx): 12.68" x 4.45" x 4.45" (32.2 x 11.3 x 11.3cm)


  • 1x Pressing Plate
  • 1x Transparent Container
  • 1x Strainer Basket
  • 1x Hand-Guard
  • 1x Small Dicing Blade (6mm 12x12 Squares)
  • 1x Large Dicing Blade (11mm 6x6 Squares)
  • 1x Thin Julienning Blade (3mm)
  • 1x Thick Julienning Blade (4mm)
  • 1x Slicing Blade (2mm)
  • 1x Crinkle Blade
  • 1x Grating Blade