Outdoor Solar Light, 8pack 12led Floor Garden Luminaire Lighting 6000k Waterproof Ip65 Recessed Spot Solar

Outdoor Solar Light, 8pack 12led Floor Garden Luminaire Lighting 6000k Waterproof Ip65 Recessed Spot Solar

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High brightness: The color temperature
of the solar floor lamp is 6000k cool white,
12 LED recessed lights. Very suitable for outdoor,
garden, courtyard, garage deck, porch entrance.

Waterproof IP65: Made of high-quality ABS
material, professional waterproof IP65,
heat-resistant, anti-freeze, and can work
normally even in rainy, hot or snowy weather.
In addition, the stainless steel solar garden
light can bear a load of 100 kg.

High quality: Monocrystalline silicon solar
cell has a capacity of 600mah. After 6-8 hours
of full charge during the day, it can be lit
for up to 8 hours at night.

Automatic control: When the switch is
turned on, the solar panel automatically
absorbs energy during the day. At night,
the recessed light will automatically turn
on according to the sensor. (Auto on/off:
detect darkness, collect solar energy
throughout the day, turn on automatically
at dusk, turn off at dawn)

Easy to install: it only takes a few seconds
to install, no tools, no wiring, safe for children
and pets. Outdoor solar lights are suitable for
outdoor areas, such as passages, paths, bridges,
gardens and courtyards. Anti-rust outdoor solar
lights are ideal products. Note: If you want to
install on a hard ground, it is best to tear off
the ground before installing, otherwise it
will be easily damaged.

Bright and efficient: solar powered design.
The solar garden light has a built-in 600ma
Ni-MH battery, which can be turned on after
a full charge in about 8 hours. No additional
cables are required.

Easy to install: Each lamp has two hooks,
which can be installed in 15-20 seconds.

ip65 waterproof: stainless steel and Abs.
The waterproof and dustproof grade reaches IP65.

Automatically turn on or off: These solar
ground lights turn on automatically when it's
dark, so you will always have a light that suits
you or makes your garden more beautiful.

Applicable to: various beautiful scenes,
such as gardens, parks, streets, lawns, corridors, etc.

Charging time: 6-8 hours
Working time: about 8 hours when fully charged
Material: stainless steel and ABS
Waterproof rating: IP65
Light color: cool white
Product size: 11.5*12.6cm