Pet Grooming Glove

Pet Grooming Glove

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Keeping your dog's or cat's coat brushed regularly is important for their overall health, as well as yours. Our Pet Grooming Glove provides an elegant massage experience while gently de-shedding your pet. Great for use with short or long fur, on cats, dogs, horses, and more!

  • Gentle Grooming Massage - Brush away mats, light tangles and loose undercoat
  • Use Wet or Dry - Mesh glove material dries quickly after use
  • Adjustable Comfort Fit - Adjustable wrist strap means our Pet Grooming Glove fits most adult pet owners
  • Easy to Clean - Pet fur peels off glove in one piece
  • Pets Love It - Who doesn't love a gentle massage?
  • High Density of Bristles - Our Glove has 260 silicone bristles for more hair removal and a better massage experience

One Right Handed Glove is included with each purchase.

Here is Sampson enjoying his massage.

Farley getting groomed

 Fur collections on the glove as we massage him.

fur on the glove

The fur comes off the glove in one tidy piece.

peel the fur off the glove