Pet Hair Remover Brush Removes Hairs

Pet Hair Remover Brush Removes Hairs

Color — Pink
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Professional pet brush.

The high-quality comb is equipped with a self-cleaning button to make your hair removal easier and more efficient. The stainless steel trimming blade removes knots safely and comfortably without scratching the puppy's skin. Your pet will like to give her a brush to make your dog/cat coat shiny and healthy. Not only to keep your pet clean, but also to provide you with a clean and hygienic home environment.

Grooming tool non-slip handle.

Brushing should not be difficult. This is why the brush we designed is very easy to use. The ergonomic handle includes a silicone non-slip handle that is comfortable to use for both left and right hands, helping you and your pet provide a more relaxing experience. Easily remove pet's hair, no matter it is short, medium or long, thick or thin, single or double coating, there will be no pain or!

One-touch cleaning button.

You only need to press the button and the hair will be removed from the brush very simply. In addition, our pet brushes can be washed with water to keep the brushes hygienic.


High-quality pet brushes.

High-quality pet brushes.
The peeling brush with round beads can massage your pet and prevent it from scratching your pet's skin. The stainless steel needle is designed with a 60-degree bend and has some flexibility, which helps prevent skin diseases and increase blood circulation.

Enjoy the brushing experience.

Pet grooming can strengthen communication and further the connection between you and your pet. Our brushes are suitable for all breeds and hair types