Pet Nail Clipper

Pet Nail Clipper

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You definitely wouldn't like to see your dog or cat scratching your floors, ruining your carpets and rugs, even hurting yourself with their long nails. Therefore, our mission is to keep your pet's nails trim rounded and smooth to get rid of the concerns! Recommended by pet groomers,this Pet Nail Clipper provides safety and dependability at home for you and your furry friend. Trimming your pet's nails regularly will surely make the job less difficult,too.
How To Use?

This Pet Nail Clipper works more quickly than scissor-style clippers, since you just position the nail inside the hole and snip.

Circular Blade:  Compared to the regular scissor blades, the circular blade reduces the risk of grabbing skin by accident. It is also sharp and precise.

LED Light: The LED light shows where the quick it, helping prevent over-cutting.