Pet Training Bag Training Fanny Pack

Pet Training Bag Training Fanny Pack

Color — Grey
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1. Newly upgraded large arc opening: moving or running can prevent snacks from spilling, and the pockets are stable; currently, the products on the market cannot be fixed, and the pockets will shake when training or running, and snacks will also spill.

2. Capacity:

(1) Double-layer detachable inner bag. Store 2 kinds of snacks, detachable for cleaning. In addition, the large capacity is suitable for long training sessions as well as storing toys.

(2) The zippered pocket is enough to hold the plus phone. This dog training fanny pack is much larger than the fanny packs on the market. According to customer feedback, buyers hope that the dog training bag can be larger, so that it can hold a flashlight, plus mobile phone, etc.

3. Details upgrade:

(1) The waist clip and belt loop are reinforced. Wear-resistant and durable.

(2) The whole bag is designed with a U-shaped radian, which makes it more convenient to take things, and at the same time prevents snacks from getting stuck in the corners.

(3) Multifunctional belt. Two-color design, high value. It is equipped with a metal D-ring, which can be hung with a double-ended buckle leash. When walking the dog, you don't need to hold the rope all the time, and you can also run and release your hands. In addition, you can hang a small water bottle.