Rechargeable Pet Cat Interactive Toys

Rechargeable Pet Cat Interactive Toys

Color — Blue
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Rechargeable Pet Cat Interactive Toys Automatic Two Speed Self-Rotating Toy For Small& Large Cats Electric Toy With Colorful LED and Feather 

-Newest Interactive Cat Toy:  It's super-low noise, suitable speed, USB chargeable, and LED light. This cat toy is like an intelligent robot, it can play with the cat autonomously, It is the best way to accompany your cat when you are busy. Plus, there are four feather accessories. You don't need to buy new accessories.

-Stimulate Cats' Hunting Nature: The Automatic cat toy comes with 4 Blue and white feathers, With different feather accessories, can keep your cats fresh and keep them interested. It runs irregularly, More smart interactive program, automatic direction change, colorful lights, feathers, catnip, attractive motion, which can quickly arouse the cat's instinct to chase and hunt. your lovely cats will not be bored even playing for hours, your cat will stay away from loneliness and anxiety.

-Super Low Noise: Many cats get stressed by the sound of another cat toy. We improve it, our robotic cat toy produces a very low sound to keep pets calm and the cat will not be afraid and you will no longer be whiny. In addition, the cat toy will automatically turn off after 30 minutes to rest your cat, and others only 10 even 5 minutes will turn off, we add more playtime to your cat.

-USB Rechargeable & 2 Speed Mode: The robotic cat toy can be charged with a USB instead of a disposable battery. So you don't need to change the battery Frequently! Save your money and hassle. Our cat toys have TWO-speed modes, No matter which speed, your cat will fall in love with it.

-Best Gift for Your Cat: Our automatic robotic cat toys are a great gift for cat owners and your cats. It makes your cat full of fun. It is not just a toy, but a good friend of you and your cat.