Reflective Pet Dog Raincoat

Reflective Pet Dog Raincoat

color — Pink
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Suitable for:

Pug、German Shepherd、Pitbull、Golden Retriever、Labrador、Husky



1.The waterproof and reflective zipper on the back has the function of preventing the dog from losing at night,and effectively preventing the infiltration of rain.
2. Reflective strips are designed on the front, back,left and right sides of the dog's clothes so that you can catch sight of you dog at night.At the same time, the reflective waterproof zipper on the back is even more magical, because it seems that your dog is shine at night.
3.There is a stretch draws cord in the neckline at the neck part,which can tighten the neck part of the raincoat,so that it can hold the rain,snow and cold winds back.There is also a button in the neckline to flexibly adjust the degree of tightness at neck part.