Retractable Refrigerator Storage Basket

Retractable Refrigerator Storage Basket

Save $7.91

Reclaim free space in your refrigerator and make it more organized!

If your refrigerator is always out of space, chances are you have not fully utilized all the space in it.

With our Retractable Refrigerator Storage Basket, you can now make full use of the space in your refrigerator. 

No more wasting time digging through a pile of stuff to find the thing you want. Organize things with our Retractable Refrigerator Storage Basket. You will find what you want quickly.


 Flexible: You control how much storage space you need.

 Convenient: With the slider design, you can easily glide in and out to access the items in the basket.

 Multi-Use: You can also mount it on shelves or tables to store keys, smartphones, remote controls, etc.

 Durable: Thick pp material, ECO-friendly, and made to last for years.


  • Size before stretch (approx): 8.07" x 6.45" x 2.95" (20.5 x 16.4 x 7.5cm) 
  • Size after stretch (approx): 11.22" x 6.45" x 2.95" (28.5 x 16.4 x 7.5cm)