Solar Powered Outdoor Animal Repeller

Solar Powered Outdoor Animal Repeller

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The solar animal repeller detects pest animals by PIR infrared sensor and activates the ultrasonic system, it will send out a strong ultrasonic sound and alarm sound.
At the same time, the top blue and white LED lights immediately flash 360 degrees which are very dazzling can frighten away the animals.
Then ultrasonic animal repellent will go into hibernation until the next animal appears. It can charge by the solar panel and USB cable.

Why choose our Ultrasonic Animal Repeller?

Our animal repellent ultrasonic outdoor is powered by a solar charging panel and has 5 modes that use ultrasound, flash, and sound to repel invading animals. Choose the most efficient solution for you.


The solar animal repeller with PIR sensor

When the animal enters the infrared sensing area, the infrared sensor of cat repellent outdoor will send out ultrasonic waves and sound to drive away from the animal when it senses the animal, until the animal is driven out of the sensing range.


The dog repellent has super long coverage

Infrared motion sensors detect moving objects within a 120-degree sector of a 33-foot radius around the dog repellent and activate the solar ultrasonic animal repeller to work.

Most animals can receive sound waves beyond the human ear, and the ultrasonic cat repeller outdoor can emit ultrasonic waves in the 15khz-50khz frequency band, covering a 180-degree fan area, making the animal uncomfortable until the animal is driven out of the sensing range.


Solar-powered charging and Weatherproof/UV-protected construction

The ultrasonic powered animal repeller has a dual charging option with a top solar panel that efficiently captures solar energy and an included USB cable.

Weather and UV resistant construction

The ultrasonic bird repeller protects itself from splashing water from all directions and withstands rain, snow, or harsh sunlight. The dog deterrent for the yard is waterproof with high-quality ABS plastic construction for harsh weather conditions.


Want to keep unwelcome animals out of your garden?

Using our Solar powered ultrasonic animal outdoor repeller is perfect for placing in gardens, yards, farms and more to scare any animals away from your area, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, dogs, foxes, birds, etc.

Work Modes Introduction:
➽❶Mode 1:Infrared light + blue and white LED flash lamp.
➽❷Mode 2:Ultrasonic + blue and white flash lamp, the ultrasonic speaker emits 15khz-50khz frequency band, left knob can adjust the ultrasonic wave, the speaker emits continuous harsh sound until the animal is driven out.
➽❸Mode 3:Ultrasonic+blue and white flash lamp+horn alarm sound driving mode, the left knob can adjust the alarm sound until the animal is driven out.
➽❹Mode 4:Ultrasonic + blue and white flash lamp + horn issued owl sound drive mode, the left knob can adjust the eagle sound until the animal is driven out.
➽❺Mode 5:Infrared light + blue and white LED flash + ultrasonic + alarm sound + owl sound, from mode 1-5 all function cycle mode, until the animal is driven out.

Ground Rod: 12.99inches
Power: Solar or USB
Waterproof IP Rating: lP44
PIR Sensor Distance: 26-33Ft
Max Detection Range: 180 degrees
Ultrasonic Frequency: 15khz-50khz
The initial state: ultrasonic+ blue and white LED flash+ horn alarm

Package Includes:
1*Solar Animal Repeller
1*Mounting Stick
1*USB Cable
1*User Manual

➤1. Before the first use, please charge the animal repeller under sunshine for 12 hours, or charge with a USB cable for 6 hours. It will last 6-8 hours in the darkness after a full charge.
➤2. Do not cover up the PIR sensor.
➤3. Please do not immerse the solar animal repeller in water.