Stylish Bling Dog Collar With Heart Pendant

Stylish Bling Dog Collar With Heart Pendant

Color — Pink
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Are you looking for the perfect gift for your furry friend?

Our fashion bling dog collar is fully studded with either blue, white, or pink rhinestones along a metal chain with an elastic band, which makes your pet look more elegant and attractive, with a dazzling visual outlook.

The sparkling dog collar makes for the perfect gift, due to its unique and luxurious design. Picture-perfect for costume parties, casual wear, or formal occasions such as dog shows, it includes an adjustable neck rhinestone clasp that makes for a perfect fit, regardless of the neck size of your dog.

This dog bling collar is made of hypoallergenic 316-type stainless steel, which will not harm your dog’s skin or fur. This premium-quality material doesn’t tarnish or discolor, and its slip chain is comfortable. The elastic bling rhinestone collar is easy to put on and take off. Join the experience by getting one of these fantastic collars for your pet.

  • EASY TO USE - Our fashion bling dog collar is easy to clean or wear at all times, whether for casual or formal settings.
  • HIGH QUALITY – Handmade from high-quality, dazzling rhinestone crystals and elastic string, this product is designed for long-lasting use.
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN – Our dog collar is easily-adjustable, with a rhinestone clasp and 5-cm chain which make for a snug, yet comfortable fit.
  • BLING RHINESTONE DESIGN – Bling rhinestones fully stud our dog collar, making your furry friend more adorable and the center of attention wherever you are.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL – Our bling dog collar is made of hypoallergenic 316-type stainless steel, an elastic band and a metal chain, all designed for comfort and long-lasting durability.

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