Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

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No summer experience is complete without at least one day by a pool. Yet pool owners will tell you that maintaining them can be a nightmare! Well, not anymore.

Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

The Above Ground Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner is an efficient and essential device available for pool owners to ensure their pools stay sparkling clean all summer long. It’s sturdy thick plastic construction and tough nylon bristles mean that the vacuum not only works great, but not at the expense of backbreaking effort. After connecting a long handle, simply run the vacuum cleaner along the floor and sides of your pool and let it collect up all dirt, debris and leaves to ensure your next swim is as clean and clear as it was the first time!

Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner


Tough Nylon Bristles: The nylon bristles on the base of the vacuum are strong and sturdy and will pick up all sorts of debris along your pool walls and floor. It’s almost as if you’re scrubbing and sucking up debris at the same time!

Ergonomic Handle Design: Get into all the spaces and crevices of your pool with the highly adjustable and moveable handle. It moves with your movements to ensure a thorough clean.

Air-Relief Valves: Easily release excess suction pressure to allow easy movement around the walls and floor of your pool.
Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner


Easy To Use: As mentioned, this pool vacuum is designed to be easy on your back with moveable handles and adjustments to ensure a thorough clean, without strain.

Keep Your Pool Clean: No one wants to swim in a dirty, debris filled pool! Keep your pool clean year round with this above ground swimming pool vacuum cleaner.

Preserve Pool Pump Life: Regular use of this pool vacuum means your pool’s pump will not have to work overtime. This prolongs its life obviously, and saves you money.
Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner


  • Size: about 27cm x 20cm (10.63in x 7.87in)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Material (Bristles): Nylon
  • Weight 1380g

Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner