Twisted and Deformed Robot Spinner-Christmas Gifts

Twisted and Deformed Robot Spinner-Christmas Gifts

Color — Red
Save $10.00

Everyone's loving twisting, stacking and spinning our NEW Twisted Robot Spinners. Great for focus, stress relief and FUN!

The coolest toy of the year is a Robot toy, mobile phone holder and a fidget spinner all in one! 

Robot Toy or Spinner?


Stack and Spin

Add them all together and create a double or triple high spinner. The coolest toy around.


Mobile Phone Holder

Just move the robot arms around to create your unique mobile phone stand.

How does it help?

It can help with anxiety and poor focus, by diverting attention and stimulating the logical thinking and visual perception sections of the brain.

Create robot shapes, spin it on a table, or just twiddle away with it while you're sat around.

Great for kids and adults

Age Suggestion: 3+ Years