Warm Dog Jacket

Warm Dog Jacket

Color — Dark Blue
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The dog full-body coat is made of thick polar fleece material, soft and warm, not easy to fall off or fluff, and has strong elasticity. Keep your furry dog feel as comfortable as possible, and has a strong warmth in the winter. This dog coat comes with a warm turtleneck collar, a sort of scarf for the dog, which can be rolled up for extra coverage or rolled down as a polo neck for long neck or short neck dogs.

 There is a zipper on the back and overall material is fleece which makes it a good choice to keep warm for your fur friend in autumn and winter cold weather. With elastic cuffs and a long zipper on the back, the coat is easy to slip on and off without worrying about sticking to your dog's head. What's more, the zipper can be closed partially or completely hence can be adjusted for greater warmth and convenience.

Size Chest Girth(Inch) Back Length(Inch) Pet Weigh(Ibs)
XXS 16.93" 11.81" 6.60-11.02
XS 18.11" 13.78" 11.02-16.53
S 21.65" 14.96" 16.53-22.05
M 23.62" 16.99" 22.05-30.86
L 25.98" 18.90" 30.86-44.09
XL 27.55“ 20.47” 44.09-57.32
XXL 31.49“ 22.83” 57.32-71.65
XXXL 39.37“ 27.56” 71.65-85.98

The dog cold weather jacket clothes adopts the double polar fleece material with four legs, which is different from most of the two-leg coats on the market. Features better insulation effect and larger protection area. Suitable for daily jogging, walking, strolling, running, fetching, hiking, sleeping and other outdoor and indoor activities.

In order to adapt to different dog body types, we designed 8 sizes(XXS-3XL) for small, medium and large dogs, Teddy, Chihuahua, Beagle, Poodle, Bulldog, Schnauzer, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Pitbull, Boxer, Lab mix, Doberman, German Shorthaired Pointer, Terrier etc. Please measure your dog and compare it to our size chart before purchasing.