Waterfall Cat Bowl

Waterfall Cat Bowl

Save $31.00

 ✔️ NO MORE DEHYDRATION: Over 75% of cats prefer to drink flowing water over a traditional water bowl, keep your cat happy and hydrated.

 ✔️ REDUCE STRESS: Stop stressing about your cat drinking water, our waterbowl keeps your cat hydrated all day long.

 ✔️ VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED: Cats chose not to drink water when they don't have access to flowing water, our water bowl is recommended by vets to keep cats healthy.

✔️ INCREASE HAPPINESS: Dehydrated cats can get angry and vicious, keep your keep happy and healthy!

✔️ ALWAYS CLEAN WATER: Our water bowl keeps your cats water constantly moving keeping germs & bacteria from growing in their bowls.

✔️ REDUCE STRAIN: Bending down to drink from a traditional bowl can cause back and neck strain in old and young cats.

 ✔️ EASY TO WASH: Easily remove the pump and throw them in the dishwasher or hand wash for a perfect clean.